Membership in the Miniature Book Society, Inc., is open to all who have an interest in miniature books. In addition, our Facebook page offers a chance to meet and mingle online with fellow members and non-members around the world. *

MBS Benefits:

• MBS Newsletter; 3 issues a year
• Annual MBS Membership Handbook
• Annual MBS Distinguished Book Competition Catalog
• Web page listing and links for dealers, printers, binders and publishers
• Invitation to our annual conclave
• Email updates about MBS-related news
• A miniature book published by MBS, as inventory allows (not done every year)

Payments are accepted in US dollars only, by personal or business check, bank draft or postal money order.

* The MBS Facebook page is not to be used for selling objects, fundraising, or as a political platform. The MBS Board reserves the right to delete postings and remove access/permission to the page.

To join MBS:

If you would like to submit membership form and payment online, go below and select the appropriate membership level. Please note that for members who elect to pay online will be charged an additional $3 to cover credit card transaction fees. If you wish to send in your payment by check (and avoid the credit card processing fee), please fill out and print the membership form here, check the membership level, and send with appropriate payment to:

Donna LaVallee
MBS Membership Coordinator
178 Brewster Street
San Francisco CA  94110-5304

NOTE: The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year. (If you join after our annual Grand Conclave, you will be considered a member for the following year.)

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