The Miniature Book Society, Inc. (MBS) is a non-profit organization chartered in 1983 in Ohio and incorporated in Delaware. Its purpose is to encourage the appreciation of miniature books by providing a forum for the exchange of information about them.

MBS publishes an annual directory of all members, national and international. Each member receives a newsletter, which is published three times per year. The MBS Archives are located in the Lilly Library at Indiana University, in Bloomington, Indiana.

The MBS membership is invited to attend a three-day Conclave every year, hosted in a different city. Anyone who makes, collects, or just enjoys miniature books is encouraged to join the MBS.


Board of Governors

Jim Brogan, President
Cherry Williams, Vice President
Gail Faulkner, Secretary
Cathie Abney, Treasurer

Darleen Cordova, Member at Large
Christina Amato, Member at Large
Todd Sommerfield, Member at Large
Michael Garbett, Member at Large

Membership Inquiries
Donna LaVallee
(415) 648-1382

MBS Newsletter
Rick Hill, Editor

MBS Grants
Stephen Byrne

MBS Traveling Exhibit
Todd Sommerfeld, Coordinator

MBS Book Competition
Tony Firman

Christina Amato, Coordinator