Each year the Miniature Book Society hosts an annual gathering of its members referred to as a Conclave. The Conclave — typically a three-day event — is held every autumn in a different city and is eagerly anticipated by the members. Recent Conclaves have been held in Princeton, New Jersey, San Diego, Seattle, Ann Arbor, Michigan, New Orleans, Dublin, Ireland, and Amsterdam. Attendees look forward to guest speakers, tours, workshops, book auctions, a book swap and an all-day book fair, but most of all, connecting with fellow miniature book enthusiasts and the camaraderie that miniature book lovers share. 

MBS Conclave XXXVI
Charlottesville, Virginia
Friday, August 10 – Monday, August 13, 2018

Conclave Host: Rick Hill

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Conclave Keepsake

One of the most fun aspects of any Conclave is the keepsake. The keepsake is a gift that many Conclave attendees create or purchase to give to each member of the Conclave. The keepsake can be a miniature book or a miniature book-related item. The keepsake can echo the theme of the Conclave or the location. (One member binds the state song in a hard-bound miniature book.)


Conclave Auctions

One of the major forms of income comes from both of the Miniature Book Society’s auctions during Conclave. The auctions take place first by member’s donation of miniature books and miniature book-related items.


Book Competition & Student Grants

An annual miniature book competition and exhibition, as well as a number of project assistance grants for students, are announced each year at the conclave. 

For information about the annual miniature book competition and exhibition, go here.  For information about project assistance grants, available to students enrolled in a fine arts, graphic arts, book arts or information and library sciences program, go here