Book Winners Shine at the MBS Conclave

Each year the Miniature Book Society hosts a book competition to encourage the production of high-quality miniature books.  A distinguished panel of judges reviews the entries based on creativity, quality of materials, and skilled craftsmanship.  Three books are chosen for this award each ear.  All entries are presented in an Exhibition at the annual Conclave where the winners are announced. The Conclave for 2018 was held in Charlottesville, Virginia. The following is a brief highlight about the winners, additional information will be posted shortly.

The Winners for 2018 are:

• WORD (89), by Emily Dickinson, illustrated by Sue Huggins Leopard, published by Sue Huggins Leopard, Leopard Studio Editions, Rochester, NY .

• The Marshes of Glynn, by Sidney Lanier, published by Patrice Miller, Aredian Press, Dallas, TX

• The Windhover, by Gerard Manley Hopkins, published by Pat Sweet, Bo Press, Riverside, CA. 

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