The MBS is proud to present the “First Annual Young Bibliophile Book Collecting Contest” designed to stimulate interest in collecting books by young people. The three winners of this essay contest will each receive $250, free membership in the MBS for their families, a certificate of achievement, and publishing of their essay in the MBS Newsletter and on the website.

By writing between 200 to 500 words on “Why I Value My Book Collection,” young bibliophiles may enter in one of three categories: 1) ages 8-11; 2) ages 11-14; 3) ages 14-18. Entry forms are located here.

They may snail mail or email their entry to the Secretary of MBS by June 1, 2019:

Ms. Gail Faulkner
1155 South Lake Dr. #63
Novi, Michigan 48377-1851

The judges will announce the three winners at the annual MBS XXXVII Conclave which will be held in Bloomington, Indiana, August 9-11, 2019. Winners of each age category will be informed at that time.

Collections may include any combination of any size of books. This first year the contest is being publicized to MBS members but any young bibliophile ages 8-18 is eligible. This contest is to encourage young people to write about their choice in collecting.

Judging will be done by the 9 members of the MBS Board of Governors according to their individual knowledge of book collecting.

The Grolier Club in New York City is hosting a miniature book exhibit that features many miniature books from the collection of Pat Pistner. The exhibit “Behold, the Tiniest of Books,” showcases 950 miniature books and is open to the public through May 19,2019.

The New York Times has done an informative article about the exhibit as well: For more information about the Grolier Club, visit

by Jim Brogan

As members of the Miniature Book Society, we are collectors.  Some of us collect letterpress books, some collect art books, some all type of books, and some collect keepsakes. A keepsake as defined by Webster’s as "something that you receive and keep to help you remember a person, place, or event: a memento or souvenir." A Conclave keepsake certainly fits that description in all categories.

The first MBS Conclave was held in 1983 and there are more than a few examples of the keepsakes that were exchanged at that conclave. Over the years, the exchange of keepsakes has grown in some years and not been as plentiful in other years.  However, the practice continues to this day and there are always outstanding examples of the creativity of our members with each Conclave event.

I can remember the day that I arrived in San Diego to attend my first MBS Conclave in 2008. Seems like only yesterday that I arrived and opened up the unique bag of things that was given to me as part of the registration process. There were maps and various announcements and schedules of activities and menus, all the things that you expect at a professional conference. However, there were also included, in the collection, several keepsakes, those special things that some of the attendees provided as tokens of appreciation for each attendee. 

With each subsequent Conclave, I always look forward to that special bag of special things, the keepsakes. Some are handmade, some large, some very small, some ornate, some less complex. However, the glue that each keepsake contains reflects the expressions and creativity of each provider and the amount of thought that is included in every one of the keepsakes. These, to me, are priceless. 

I am sure that some of the members are fastidious collectors of the keepsakes from each conclave. There are members who spend a tremendous amount of time providing a keepsake and some require less time and materials. However, they are all treasures, a reflection of the event, the place, and the person who provided the keepsake.  



In Miniature: The Flowing Spine & Magnetic Pocket Portfolio
August 5, 6 & 7, 2019
Time: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Location: CBAS Studio, The Essex Studios #164, 2511 Essex Place, Cincinnati, OH 45206

Miniature binding reflects the history of full scale binding and like any miniature object is at first sight a smaller version of its larger and life sized counterpart. The skill in creating miniatures is in making that object function as well as the larger version without it being obvious that the artist has made adjustments in structure and design to achieve this goal.

Each student will make at least one miniature book in full leather and one box for that book. For the book I have devised a structure that combines a tight and hollow back, with the text sewn in as the last step. This allows for any decorative/creative work or tooling to be done off the book. The structure opens and closes with ease and offers multiple variations for design and conservation work. The box is a flexible wrap with a magnetic closure that you can make in full leather with complimentary decorative paper.

Both the binding and the box can be decorated with onlays and simple tooling in the three day class because making the binding separately from the text allows optimal use of the time we will have together.

All student materials and a copy of The Flowing Spine: A Bookbinding Project Book will be provided.  Please do bring any materials, texts you would like to use yourself or share. A list of tools and additional information will be provided upon registration. 

Contact Gabrielle at or (513) 304-5758 to reserve a place, and inquire about costs and any additional questions you may have. Class size is limited.